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Avoid Bad SPLIT UP Advice

Everyone shall offer split up advice when you’re hurting, should they don’t know very well what they’re referring to even. Most such advice is very good still, so long as you know it is important to take what works for you and don’t be worried about the rest. But bad break up advice can do more harm than good.

How do you know the difference between good and bad  break up  advice? First thing to do is look at the source.

Who is giving you the advice? Is it from your mother who never liked him anyway and now seems bent on pointing out to you every reason you should have never been in the relationship? Is it from a friend that you’ve always known was secretly jealous of your relationship?

Did you find the advice online from a site about break ups where it seemed there were lots of different opinions and helpful tips? Or did it come from a book or website by a relationship specialist who offers lots of advice aimed at helping you, instead of serving some agenda?

You know the people in your life who always seem to know what  to do  in any situation. Break up advice from them is most likely good. And even if it’s not the greatest advice, you know their desire is to help you feel better. They don’t have a hidden reason for offering up certain ideas.

A person who didn’t like your ex, didn’t like that you were in the relationship, or is a little jealous of you for some reason might offer advice that makes them  feel better . But they’re really not going to be that concerned with helping you.

For instance, one of your closest friends might give you advice and tell you that you throw away everything he ever gave you. And maybe you’re angry and that seems like good advice  to you . But if you know as well as suspect that the friend might have been jealous of  the relationship , then it’s probably bad break up advice.

In a few months when you’re feeling better about things, will you be happy about having gotten rid of every picture and memento? Probably not.

But the notion of you removing those things will make your friend feel much better because you’ll be taking irreversible steps to do away with something she never thought you ought to have to begin with.

No matter just how much it now hurts, the nice times you'd in  the partnership  will stay good memories forever probably. So removing everything may cause you more pain later on if you want you had any particular one special picture that always made you happy.

Bad  split up  advice may also encourage quickly one to move ahead too. Or possibly they’ll help you to accomplish and say what to jeopardize another friendship together with your ex.

 Take all advice slowly and think about it before you act. The bad  break up  advice won’t feel right in the end and you’ll know to avoid it.

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