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Older Women Relationship Younger Men Greater Than Just A Fad

Older women dating young men is greater than a fad. This is a trend that is becoming very difficult to miss. From well known stars to your aunt Marge, more folks are encountering this development. So , what's behind older females dating younger men?

Older adult males have dated younger females always. There’s a biological factor to this. Women search for financial security within their companions because they desire to be in a position to have the help support of a father to raise their children. Men look to younger women as the hosts of the best eggs in order to have healthy kids to pass on their DNA.

But , these days, both men and women are voluntarily desiring smaller sized families. Both are delaying getting kids longer. This makes the younger woman - older man problem less relevant.

Demi Moore doesn’t need Ashton Kutcher to give her any more children - she currently has three. Rather, she needs a hot husband to keep her delighted. And, Ashton has stated that he loves Demi’s ladies, the oldest of which is just 10 years younger than himself, so much that he wouldn’t love a child of his own blood any more that.

Because of these changes in community, older women internet dating younger men is now not only a possibility, it is happening increasingly more. Kim Catrell’s personality, Samantha, on Sex and the City, dated a younger guy for the last two seasons. But , Catrell herself has dated considerably younger men. Madonna broke up with Man Ritchie who was several years her junior only to start going out with Alex Rodriguez, who was younger still.

And, ordinary people are starting to take part in this trend as well.

After her husband of 29 years remaining her for someone else, Pam Wilkenson, a 50 year old nurse, started dating Jeremy Hoffman who was only 27. Hoffman worked well at the same hospital Wilkenson did. Hoffman has been only two years older than Wilkenson’s oldest child.

The relationship lasted two years and Wilkenson says it helped her get over the break up with her husband. She developed a new confidence because a younger guy was interested in her.

The statistics bear out that the older women dating younger men trend is real. In 2003, the American Association for the Development of Retired People (AARP) did a study which showed that 1/3 of the solitary women over 40 were in a partnership with a man who was younger than they were.

A lot of this has to carry out with the very real financial and interpersonal gains ladies have achieved over the past 50 years. As ladies have become more powerful, they’ve been in the driver’s seat to pursue younger adult males.

And, that, the bottom line is, is what's behind the development of older women relationship younger men.

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